Cartel 2 Bar

Verde Cartel 2 bars feature custom drawn 4130 chromoly for maximum strength and minimum weight. Custom multiple butted tubing makes them thicker and stronger in areas you need it most, such as the bends and clamping area. After welding, they are heat-treated for increased strength and durability. Cartel 2’s are the lightest handlebars in the Verde line.

Matte Green


  • Construction 100% 4130 chromoly, multiple butted tubing, postweld heat-treated
  • Height 8.1” rise
  • Width 28” wide
  • Backsweep 12° back
  • Upsweep 2° up
  • Crossbar Height  5.5”
  • Crossbar Width  9.8”
  • Weight 24 oz